High Tech Helicopters provides a complete turnkey solution to anyone wanting to establish a private or commercial helicopter operation in China and includes all the following specialised operations as part of this service:    


Helicopters offer the perfect time saving solution for busy successful companies.  With their ability to land on roof tops they will transform the time it takes to travel between business meetings, and ensure you have the right people, in the right places at the right time.  We will help you choose the perfect helicopter, with a wide range of options available.



We provide personalised private helicopter operations to the most discerning clients.  With access to the worlds most luxurious helicopters, we can work with you to select and customise your helicopters.  Our experienced team will manage all the logistics on your behalf, ensuring you have access to your luxury helicopter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our pilots are highly trained and experienced and among the best in the world.  They can even train you to fly too!



The purpose of the Air Ambulance is to provide first class life saving care to patients, by ensuring they reach the most appropriate Trauma Centre for their needs within the golden hour.  Bases are located strategically, and by using the on-board emergency equipment and aircraft doctors, the chances of patients surviving a serious medical condition are dramatically improved.

The‘Golden Hour’is the 1st hour following a serious injury. HEMS actions in this first hour will be the upmost important to reduce injuries.

• Save time by flying direct
• Reach the patient almost anywhere
• Effective treatment provided on-board
• Transfer patient to nearest hospital
• Reduce transport risks
• Patient returns to the workforce sooner


Search and rescue

The primary importance of a dedicated Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter is to have a highly trained pilot and crew available;

• 24hours a day
• 7 days a week
• 365 days a year

Using the latest in aircraft technologies, SAR operations provide an effect platform to locate, rescue and treat people in a critical medical condition.



• Surveillance – territorial border or highway patrol use
• Search and Rescue (SAR) – find persons in trouble and rescue them before they are harmed
• Fire Fighting – control forest or building fires using specialised role equipment
• Law Enforcement – transport police special units to deal with any threat or incident
• Offshore Work – rescues or searches at sea are best suited to a helicopter
• Disaster Relief – fly in helpers or supplies to people needing life saving help



Helicopters carry heavy loads connected to long slings under the helicopter in order to place heavy equipment. The helicopter is a cost effective method when when the job must be accomplished in remote or inaccessible areas, such as the tops of tall buildings or the top of a hill or mountain, far from the nearest road.


Power line Inspection

The helicopter provides the perfect platform to inspect, clean and maintain the entire network of overhead power lines.  Using the latest in aircraft technology we can provide pilots and crew to maintain and run this service 365 days a year.


Aerial Filming

We can combine helicopters with ultra-high performance stabilization platforms for high velocity cinematography.

With a 6 axis gyro stabilized platform that delivers unprecedented stability, control and versatility, it allows users to quickly and easily interchange cameras and lenses, from 2D, 3D to HD and Ultra HD.

Born from an obsession with flying, filmmaking and broadcasting we have integrated ultimate stability, versatility and ease of use.


Ship Operations

Helicopters are perfect to support both commercial and luxury vessels.  Helicopters are stored permanently on-board vessels, complete with a pilot and aircraft engineer.  The versatility of the helicopter enables it to be used in many roles, including:


  • Shuttling passengers from the vessels to shore or further inland
  • Extended off shore flight
  • Re supplying vessels
  • Search and rescue

Fire fighting

Helicopters are fitted with water tanks or carry buckets under slung below the helicopters.  The Helicopter versatility enables it to effectively fight both wild fires in remote locations or fires in built up areas, including high rise buildings.



The use of helicopters in agriculture is fast and cost effective.

Advancements in the equipment and technology used in aerial spraying operations have opened new opportunities for vegetationand pest management. Helicopters give a cost effective way to control noxious weeds while maintain the highest standard of environmental protection. Precision aerial application of herbicides is the best tool for habitat restoration or pest control. dGPS Technology and professional equipment. With the right equipment, technology and personnel at your disposal you will be amazed at what you can achieve.



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