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Whether you are looking to pursue the dream of flying a helicopter for pleasure, for business or as a serious career, we can provide you with a range of options to suit your individual needs.

Flight training can be conducted in New Zealand, the world’s premiere helicopter training destination.

All High Tech Helicopters New Zealand certified training schools:

  • Are New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) registered and accredited
  • Provide Diploma course to Levels 5+6
  • Are New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Part 141 Certified
  • Have fantastic safety records
  • Have great modern training facilities


Aircraft maintenance engineers maintain and repair the structure, cabin, engines, and avionic and mechanical systems of aircraft. As an aircraft engineer, you would be ultimately responsible for deeming an aircraft airworthy in accordance to local and international aviation standards.

All our courses in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering combine academic modules with workshop-based or classroom-based, practical modules. This provides students with not only an understanding of the work environment and legal requirements of this arena, but also hands-on experience of situations such as fault diagnosis, equipment replacement and designing aircraft components.

Our training courses can be conducted at a commercially operating helicopter base so you achieve first-hand experience which is a valuable tool. These courses in aircraft engineering are designed to allow for progression directly into the aviation industry at management or technician level and therefore employ a number of teaching methods.

In some instances the opportunity to study towards a Private Pilots Licence is possible.





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