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If you are interested in entering the Helicopter market we are able to offer you any of the following to facilitate this:


We take the time to understand your requirements and provide the expertise to create a sustainable, viable helicopter operation for you, either privately or as a profitable business venture. We can prepare a full due diligence and market research report and then furnish you with a recommendation on the most suitable operation that is in line with your expectation and budget.

Other areas of consultation include the following:

  • Aircraft Selection and Supply
  • Airfield Development Projects
  • Personnel Supply
  • Aviation Licences
  • Management
  • Role Equipment Selection and Supply
  • Operational Base Requirements
  • Ongoing Support


We provide highly trained pilots to safely fly the helicopters and engineers to maintain them in accordance with CAAC requirements. Our specialised staff training also includes ground based personnel that are necessary for the operation to run safely and efficiently. All pilot training exceeds the current legal requirement as we want to produce industry ready pilots that lead the industry in terms of safety standards and skill levels. They can be instructed in China, or at our International Flight School in New Zealand, we also provide a Specific Aviation based English language course as part of our curriculum that meets the IELTS Standards.

Our aim is “To produce environmentally aware personnel focused on safety”



Our expert team of helicopter advisors will work with you to purchase the helicopter that best suits your requirements and budget. The choices are almost limitless and each helicopter has particular advantages so making the correct decision now is critical. The helicopter type will be matched to the specific role, usage requirements and budget that you have in mind. Use our experience to make the best choice as this is a substantial investment, simple things like choosing the correct fit out and aircraft equipment are decisions that need to be factored in at this early stage to future proof your options.

Do it once and do it right!



The first major barrier to overcome is the regulatory approvals and this can be a daunting task even for established operators. Let us help you gain all the necessary Consents and CAAC Aviation Licences for you as a helicopter operator to conduct your business.

These include the following and more:

  • CCAR Part 61 Licence (Pilots Licences and Ratings)
  • CCAR Part 91 Licence (General Operating Rules)
  • CAA Part 133 Licence (External Load Operations)
  • CCAR Part 135 Licence (Air Transport Operations)
  • CAA Part 137 Licence (Agricultural Operations)
  • Low Altitude Airspace Approval


Our experienced management team will oversee the running of your operation and ensure it is operating safely, effectively and on budget. This can be on a daily basis or simply an annual inspection dependant on what level of help or compliance you require. Periodic inspections will be carried out by our Audit Team to ensure your operation is in compliance with the CAAC Rules and also our SMS/QMS and internal SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) systems that we have provided. Our QA (Quality Assurance) Systems are the industry leader in China and is the benchmark that others will strive to achieve.



Our SMS (Safety Management Systems) and QMS (Quality Management Systems) are proven Internationally and are recognised by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). We can provide a fully documented SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Manual so that your business will operate safely and at its most efficient so that your returns are maximised. These systems are very user friendly and allow for the addition of more aircraft or induction of more personnel at any stage. Our QA (Quality Assurance) Systems are the industry leader in China and is the benchmark that others will strive to achieve.



Using our experience we will design and build a helicopter hangar that meets your operational requirements. We will provide you with a detailed report on the best solution for your needs that reflects the budget that you choose. This could be your conventional building, to a rooftop helipad, to an underground hidden bunker.

The sky is the limit!



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